I was JUST about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t posted yet today! Oops.

I’ve found that adjusting to a new house, a new job, a new sleep schedule, and adding all the responsibilities my parents usually held ALL at the same time is… tiring.

I seem to underestimate the time I have in the day. I just have so many goals and I really don’t want to give any of them up! But I fear I must let the next couple weeks of work trump just about everything. Just until I get settled, trained, and into some kind of routine.

Fortunately, I’ve begun visiting the gym with my roommate in the mornings. Part of me screams, “THAT’S TIME YOU COULD BE WRITING!” but the other half screams back, “IF I DON’T EXERCISE I WON’T LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO WRITE!” Though I’m sure it’s not that drastic, the sentiment remains… good health trumps writing.

So here I go, trying to get to bed at a decent hour (which has now become 9 or 10pm), hoping I can still read a little bit of my book, knowing I didn’t get everything done today that I wanted to.

I guess that’s what happens when you underestimate how long it will take you to go shopping and write a post on the Seven-Point Story Structure.

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