Bringing Work Home

Wow, what a crazy week it’s been. And it’s only Wednesday!

So, I just logged in and realized that I didn’t write a post yesterday, putting me one day behind on my January blog-writing goal, but no matter! I have another… *Sigh,* I don’t want to do the math right now… SOMETHING-hundred-SOMETHING days to catch up. ;)

As I progress through my training for my new job, as well as try and create some stability with routines and what-not, I can feel something happening inside of my skull. Either my brain is swelling with all this new information and good wonderfulness… or it’s frying and shriveling up. I’m still not 100% sure which one, but I promise, I will see a doctor about it. Don’t worry.

Today I brought my work home with me. My supervisor emphasized that he doesn’t have his new interns start school again until about three weeks into the job so that they can acclimate and get a nice foundation in their job.


This evening I’ve been watching training video after training video, just trying to get through all of them. Fortunately the presenter of the training is funny and a great presenter (and he uses the discussion method rather than the lecture method, asking lots of questions. Good boy!), so watching the training isn’t exactly a chore. Still. It’s work.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get on the phones by Monday as scheduled. I have to admit, the thought of jumping on a phone with a REAL customer at this point in my training is FRIGHTENING. But, I’m still fully confident I’ll be very good at my job.


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