God has been teaching me and forcing me to grow so rapidly in the last four months. However I chide myself for saying that. In Read More

San Antonio and Happiness

I think I was “inspired” by the teenage angst movie I watched the other night… or I’m just feeling really thoughtful.

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Soft-Serve Adventures!

Working in the restaurant business has its ups and downs, and anyone who has ever worked with a soft serve ice cream machine can tell Read More

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

I wrote it Christmas Eve night, just before we all went to bed. We had just finished a wonderful gathering of my nuclear family, my two cousins, and a friend who couldn’t go home for the holidays. It was one of the best nights this season and I was feeling grateful for everything, and everyone God has given me. Thus came this little rhyme. Read More

The Checkout Line

Decaff? It took me 30 minutes to get here and they only have decaff? I thought as I stood on isle 12 examining the little Read More