God Ain’t No Fool

Since I was little, I’ve struggled with self-worth. There was always something wrong with me.

I’m too fat. I’m covered in acne. I’m not cool and never know what to say. I’m loud, annoying, and a burden on everyone. Trust me, I could go on and on. I’m sure every woman reading this can do the same.

Those accusative thoughts, though I refute them time and time again, are still with me to this day.

I know God sees me as righteous. I know he thinks I’m beautiful. I know he thinks I’m a quality person and loves me more than anything. However, those good (true) thoughts are almost always followed by a “but.”

“I know God sees me as beautiful, but…”


God Sees Who I Am: Who Am I?

Many baby Christians (myself included) tend to think of the repentance and forgiveness of sins as an ongoing process.

“Oh boy, I screwed up again. I need to ask forgiveness for this one.”

I don’t want to discredit this line of thinking. Of course we should be actively seek to live righteously, and humility and repentance is part of that. But think about it.

Jesus died  on that cross 2,000 years ago. When He died for us, His blood covered our sins. Covered. Past tense. He breathed three powerful words: “It is finished.”

Was I alive 2,000 years ago?

If I wasn’t even born when Jesus covered my sins, doesn’t that mean He’s covered the sins I haven’t yet committed? When I accepted the forgiveness Jesus offered on the cross, I was covered in the grace which wipes out all sin. This means when God looks at me, he doesn’t see sin. He will never see sin.

And here’s the kicker: God cannot be deceived.

Do you think the God who created the universe could believe a lie? If God looks on me and says I’m righteous, by golly I’m righteous.

“Yeah, God loves me, but…” BUT NOTHING!

I’ve accepted the grace of God. He looks on me as his child and creation. He sees me as a beautiful, righteous daughter. That means I am a beautiful, righteous daughter. No fault. No sin.

Always clean. Always good. Always loved.

But nothing.

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