Ice, Ice, Baby

Something has happened in San Antonio. Something big. Something crazy!



Last night the temperature dropped well into freezing point which, for a girl who’s lived in sunny Florida for the last two years, is almost unheard of. The side walk is a death trap, the grass crunches under your feet, and it’s almost impossible to get a car door open. Just think about the hills!

I live in a neighborhood called Stone Oak, which is like a mini mountain range. My apartment complex is at the top of a very steep hill and report from friends are saying we shouldn’t even try to take the road out unless we want to slam into a few other cars in the process. I’ve counted three sirens today.


As much as it freezes in Texas, I’m surprised the people here aren’t more used to it. It doesn’t freeze for months at a time, but from my memory, the weather gets a good laugh from slapping Texans in the face at least once a year. It still amazes me how many southerners think they’re better than Mother Nature, driving on icy roads when they know they have neither the tools or the skill.

Fortunately for me, most of my job can be done over the internet. Actually, that seems to be how most of the company works. Sometimes I think we just go in to the office for community and ease of communication between departments. But last night, when reports were coming in about a possible snow adventure, everyone was hoping today might be declared a “work from home” day.


This morning the verdict was in. Some of our brave crew is sticking it out and fighting against the icy weather, but NOT ME! I’m huddling up in my bed, my laptop snuggled safely in my lap, and cradling a warm cup of Yorkshire tea! Feels like high school all over again.  :)

Getting some work done today at the "home" office!

Getting some work done today at the “home” office!

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  • David Endsley

    Must be nice to be able to work from home. Wish I could do that. :)

    • Abigail Endsley

      Suppose it’s a little harder when you have to fix actual computers in an actual location… :P