It’s Not an Adventure Unless Something Goes Wrong

As everyone who runs in my close circle of friends knows by now, I’m taking a drastic leap, moving from Lakeland, Fl to San Antonio, TX. Well, not taking. Took.

Yep! I woke up at six o’ clock on Saturday in order to make my 10:30 flight out of Orlando, only to have the flight delayed until 11:30. Then 11:50. Then 1:15. Then 2:00. Around 11:45 or so I finally said good-bye to my parents, traversed the terrible rocky terrain that is Security, and made it to my gate with a couple hours to spare. Only to learn, after about ten minutes, that my flight to San Antonio was cancelled.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t upset me that much. Of course driving all the way to Orlando from Lakeland, going through the process of checking my bags, and standing in line at security only to find out that I would have to call my parents, have them turn around to get me, and come back again for a 7:30 flight the next morning is upsetting. But it was even more upsetting because I was alone.

Fortunately the people at Delta were as helpful as they could be and very nice about the whole mess. Of course, maybe it’s because they could foresee the waterfall of tears threatening to break over the surface at any moment.

I was assured that the airline would do their best to make sure my bags transferred over to my new flight. The phrase “do our best” wasn’t exactly comforting.

My parents picked me up which meant I was able to be a witness to the tire blow-out fiasco on the way home! Whoop! I had thought another car hit us. The back of the little Acura jerked and I spun around to see what happened. Next thing I know, the tire tread is learning to fly, but failing and landing plop in the middle of I4. Good thing my Dad knows how to change a tire.

I had no clean clothes at home, so I did my best to wash and dry the ones I was wearing in the bathroom sink so they wouldn’t reek the next day.

When all was said and done, I ended up in San Antonio a day late, luggageless (because apparently “our best” wasn’t quite good enough), still in two day old clothes, and still pretty clueless about the nuances of the new life I’m stepping into.

It’s been an odd weekend, I’ll say that. But all-in-all, it hasn’t been bad. All I can do now is keep faith that all these things are happening according to God’s plan. I know he won’t let me down. He’s good like that.

*The bright side to my flight being cancelled: My 7:30 flight to my layover in Atlanta was literally full, but it didn’t matter to me because they put me in first class. ;) Ooh la la.

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