It All Comes Back to Balance

I want to be a professional writer, a teacher, a traveler, an interpreter, a reader, a worker, a… studier? I want to say “student,” but Read More

Re: 5 Reasons Cats are Better than Dogs

Is there anything lazier than posting someone else’s video to your blog and calling it a day? Not really, but I’m going to do it anyway. :)

Remember that post I made recently about how cats are, and always will be, superior to sweaty, smelly, icky, noise, annoying dogs? Well, my sister, who is quite of the opposite opinion decided to refute this with her video on Why Dogs are Better than Cats. I thought you might enjoy it!

Note: My wonderful, amazing, AWESOME kitty cat, Sir Bruce Gawain makes an appearance in this video! Kind of… He’s the “evil looking” cat in the pictures. ;) I miss you, Bruce!

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San Antonio and Happiness

I think I was “inspired” by the teenage angst movie I watched the other night… or I’m just feeling really thoughtful.

Read More

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Something has happened in San Antonio. Something big. Something crazy! Ice. Last night the temperature dropped well into freezing point which, for a girl who’s Read More

Reading, Reading, Reading

I started up a new project this month called If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do so. ;) The goal on Read More

Writing, Writing, Writing

For having just started a new phase of life this week, I’ve been doing a surprising amount of writing. I’m grateful for that, but also Read More

Bringing Work Home

Wow, what a crazy week it’s been. And it’s only Wednesday! So, I just logged in and realized that I didn’t write a post yesterday, Read More


I was JUST about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t posted yet today! Oops. I’ve found that adjusting to a new house, Read More

The First Day – An Update

My manager at Chick-fil-A once said that the first day at work should be the hardest. That makes sense. The first day is full of Read More

It’s Not an Adventure Unless Something Goes Wrong

As everyone who runs in my close circle of friends knows by now, I’m taking a drastic leap, moving from Lakeland, Fl to San Antonio, Read More