San Antonio and Happiness

I think I was “inspired” by the teenage angst movie I watched the other night… or I’m just feeling really thoughtful.

San Antonio is the most beautiful place I’ve lived so far.
A friend recently told me over text,
“it’s hard to beat Lakeland for prettiness.”
San Antonio does that.
It’s got hills,
and good old fashioned Texas pride.

The neighborhood I live in is called Stone Oak.
Bet you can’t guess why.
This is Stone Oak Parkway.
My apartment is in a pretty sweet spot;
walking distance from all the necessities.
I like to walk.

Seeing something through a camera
is never as wonderful as seeing it through your eyes.
People say a picture is worth a thousand words.
They never said it was worth a thousand good ones.

I’m looking for a yogurt shop.
My phone told me it was here.
So does this sign.
So where is it?
I might have found it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten actual food at McDonalds.
That is,
if McDonalds even serves
actual food.”

it’s Price and Cunningham.

The walk home is just as nice.
It’s cool out
and the sun is bright.
Cars rush past me, but I don’t mind.
They remind me that civilization exists.
It is a bit loud, though.

You know in the Bible
when it says
we should be like a city set on a hill?
I think the Mormons took that literally.

This is my apartment.
It’s funny how quickly things change.
Two weeks ago
was 10 AM.
was home,
and “roommates”
was strangers.
Two weeks ago,
climbing these stairs felt foreign.
Now I do it every day.

I like this place.
I’m happy here.
Of course,
I know happiness isn’t a place,
it’s not somewhere you go,
but a state of mind.
Something that,
no matter where you are,
you can choose to be.


My name is Abigail.
I live in San Antonio.
I like to write,
like to read,
like to make videos that sound really depressing,
but totally aren’t.
I like to hang around Whataburger at 9:00 PM,
playing Qwirkle with my brother.

I’m alive.
I’m healthy.
And I’m happy.
I hope you are too.



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  • Bryan Kelly

    Loved the video.
    Especially the Mormons.
    That caught me off guard. ;)
    (Do emotes count as a syllable? If so, I went over…)

  • Kay Endsley

    I saw Sagwa (sp?) on your bed!!!! Makes me miss my little girl!

  • Kathy Lewis

    Abby, this is beautiful. I love it.