5 Overlooked Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

I have plans with my boyfriend this weekend. It’s not often I get to say that, and the words feel so good rolling off my Read More

San Antonio and Happiness

I think I was “inspired” by the teenage angst movie I watched the other night… or I’m just feeling really thoughtful.

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Five Reasons Cats are Da Bomb

As I type this post, seven hours before I need to wake up tomorrow, my most wonderful cat, Sir Bruce Gawain, sleeps happily on the table next Read More

Why the Bishop is My Favorite Character

I was listening to the Les Miserables sound track today while attempting to stuff the entire universe into one little black duffel. (Turns out the Read More

Is this Author Disenchantment?

I started to read Dan Wells book Partials on Monday. So far it’s good. But not as good as I was hoping. (If you’re reading Read More