5 Overlooked Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

I have plans with my boyfriend this weekend. It’s not often I get to say that, and the words feel so good rolling off my Read More

Futuristic: The Ability to Steal Joy from the Present

Driving on I-10 sucks. Especially the section between San Antonio and Houston. The only time I drive this particular 170-mile stretch is when I’m headed Read More

Emotional Clutter

This morning I packed up my 2006 Sonata, preparing to hit the road back to San Antonio after a long (and needed) Florida vacation. While, Read More

Missing the Bus

Long-distance relationships are complicated. I work and live in the beautiful city of San Antonio, TX and my boyfriend does the same… In Houston. To Read More

“Why” Doesn’t Matter

When I was little, all I wanted to do was grow up. As my older siblings were off ‘being cool,’ it was my Barbies and Read More


God has been teaching me and forcing me to grow so rapidly in the last four months. However I chide myself for saying that. In Read More

It All Comes Back to Balance

I want to be a professional writer, a teacher, a traveler, an interpreter, a reader, a worker, a… studier? I want to say “student,” but Read More

San Antonio and Happiness

I think I was “inspired” by the teenage angst movie I watched the other night… or I’m just feeling really thoughtful.

Read More

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Something has happened in San Antonio. Something big. Something crazy! Ice. Last night the temperature dropped well into freezing point which, for a girl who’s Read More

Reading, Reading, Reading

I started up a new project this month called ThinkyRead.com. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do so. ;) The goal on Read More