The First Day – An Update

My manager at Chick-fil-A once said that the first day at work should be the hardest. That makes sense. The first day is full of newness and learning and trying to do things and failing and standard-setting and crazy! I was warned this morning that by the end of the day my brain would feel like mush. I didn’t believe it.

I spent the day shadowing my fellow Program Advisor as he made calls, took calls, set up meetings, answered emails, answered questions, logged customer interactions, and more that, honestly, I can’t remember. I also sat in on the weekly sales meeting as the department was updated on progress and goals. Let’s just say, today made me excited for the day that I’ll actually understand everything that these people are talking about. ;)

I think this role will be a good fit for me and I’m very happy to be here. They say that inside of God’s will is the best place to live and I believe them. It’s just been a while since God’s will was also mine.

I’m very blessed to be working for such an amazing company that continues to make such a huge difference in the lives of its students. I’m extremely blessed to be working with smart, capable, interesting people who truly care about each other. I’m fantabulously blessed to be in an environment so diligent and fun as CollegePlus.

Thanks God. Bring on round two.

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