Welcome Back, Me

Unfortunately back in 2015, when Life first showed me it’s ugly side, writing on Aimless Hyperbole was one of the first of many enjoyable pass times to fall solidly off the radar. Soon, everything else followed.

I had no time, no brain space, no vision. And everything I wrote was “crap.”

And as time went on, things got… messy. I lost all motivation to pursue anything.

But that’s a story for another post. To sum it up here, I’ll just say this:

2015 knocked me off my feet. And 2016 didn’t exactly pick me up again.

What did pick me up?

God. Me. The only two people who really had any power over my life really stepped up to the plate.

And now, I’m back! And I’m ready to blog about anything and everything that comes across my plate, because that’s the whole point of Aimless Hyperbole anyway.

So, get ready for some possibly incredibly random, hopefully incredibly entertaining, and most definitely incredibly Abigail blog posts coming your way.

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